First Post!

11 May 2014

Posted by Ollie Reardon

Finally! I’ve redone my website after saying that I’ll do it for the past year. Previously, I have had an old wordpress blog that has been ignored for the past two years… (Sorry!) University and my current placement year ate that time up. However, as my Fianceè has been working solidily on her univeristy work as deadlines are closely looming for her final year before she graduates, I’ve been keeping myself occupied by restarting my attempts at a Github Pages + Jekyll powered Website and Blog.

As this website is now hosted on GitHub, home of the largest repository of Free and Open Source Software, it keeps me strict as to keeping my own projects free and open source. Jekyll is going to help me merge my professional portfolio together with my blog, which I hope to share useful information or articles on my many interests.

Hopefully, this website will hit it’s proper “Go Live” status in the next few weeks if I am able to keep progressing with my website’s development every weekend. Keep a look out on my website’s GitHub repo.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! [ojdon-gh]: