Ollie Reardon

Web Developer by Day, Game Developer by Night!

Hello World!

I am a Software Delivery Manager and Web Developer currently working for EU Automation, based in Stafford, United Kingdom.

My Expertise


I have help launch several ecommerce platforms and know what it takes to get that first important sale ensuring it scales for the future years of growth.


With the landscape rapidly changing due to advancements in AI. Technical SEO is a very importnt factor for any customer facing website.

Internal Tools

Using the latest JavaScript frameworks, I can build bespoke interfaces for any company's current challanges.

Tech Stack


I originally discovered the wonders of CSS Frameworks with Bootstrap. However, a utility-only framework means I no longer have to maintain a single line of CSS.


I have used Laravel since version 3. I love the ecosystem of all the official and beloved third party community support. It is perfect for any web project or bespoke API.


While Vue.js was my original Javascript framework of choice... React is my current choice in framework for any internal web-based tooling or software.


Amazon Web Services is my go to choice for hosting a web project to ensure the project can scale and provides an eco-system to enable any server related features or functionality.


Used Docker to ensure developer machine's are setup using the same technology as the production stack to reduce the cost of debugging inconsistenancies between production and development.


Gitlab isn't just for version control. It features powerful CI/CD capabilities as well as lesser-known features such as keeping your project management suites closely connected to the project's code.